Smoked  Corn on the Cob  ON Traeger Grill

This delicious Traeger Smoked Corn on the Cob  is smoked to perfection, complete with tantalizing seasoned butter. The result is a mouthwatering experience that is sure to please your whole family. Grab the napkins!

– 4 ears corn on the cob – 1 cup butter or margarine – 1½ tsp seasoning salt – ¼ tsp black pepper


– Preheat your grill to 250 degrees F. – Pull husks down on the corn and remove the silk. You can either leave the husks on or take them off. They make great corn holders if left on.



– Melt butter in a small saucepan. Add seasoning salt and black pepper. Mix to combine.

Brush the corn with the seasoned butter mixture.

– Place corn cobs directly on the grill grate of the preheated smoker.

– Close the lid, and smoke the corn for 1½ hours. Make sure to turn and baste the corn with the butter mixture every 15-20 minutes.

– The corn is done when the kernels start to turn a dark yellow/light brown color and there is a nice char on the outside.

– Remove the corn from the grill. Serve immediately with the remaining butter mixture.