cook a turkey in a roaster oven

one of the easiest ways to cook a turkey is to cook it in a roaster oven.  This will give you a juicy, succulent, mouthwatering turkey, complete with gravy made from the pan drippings, perfect for Thanksgiving.

– 15-17 pound turkey thawed, if frozen – 1 large orange sliced in half – 1 large lemon sliced in half – 2 large limes sliced in half – 3 cloves garlic minced – 8 cups boiling water – ⅛ cup Lemon-pepper seasoning – ⅛ cup Garlic plus seasoning – ⅛ cup oregano – ⅛ cup Roasted garlic and peppers seasoning – ¼ cup butter softened


SEASON THE TURKEY:  First, boil 8 cups of water in a kettle. Then, to a large bowl, add lemon-pepper seasoning, garlic, oregano, roasted garlic and pepper seasoning, and diced garlic cloves. Add boiling water to the spices and mix well.


Slice oranges, lemons, and limes in half and place them in the cavity of the turkey.

Preheat the oven to 450°. Take the butter and rub it evenly over the top of the skin on the breast meat, coating as much of the top of the turkey as possible. – Place the turkey into the electric roaster, making sure it does not touch the sides of the roaster. Pour the bowl with boiling water and seasoning over the turkey. Turn down the temperature to 350° and place the lid on the roaster. Baste the turkey every hour using the juices in the pan.

Allow the turkey to rest for 10 minutes before slicing and serving.