HEALTHY Raspberry Overnight Oats 


This healthy raspberry overnight oats recipe is a delicious breakfast option that can be made the night before. In the morning, top with additional raspberries and yogurt for added flavor and texture. It's a nutritious and satisfying breakfast that's perfect for busy mornings!

All that is required to make this delicious overnight oats recipe is: -raspberries -rolled oats -almond milk -Greek yogurt -chia seeds -honey -vanilla extract

Mash the raspberries with a fork. Place them inside a pint jar.

Add the rolled oats, almond milk, and Greek yogurt.

Next, add the chia seeds, honey, and vanilla extract to the jar.

Stir the oat mixture well with a spoon to combine.

Put the lid on the jar and place the jar in the fridge overnight.

Serve the following day with extra raspberries on top, or your favorite toppings.