This Smoked Queso Dip is the ultimate smoky cheese dip! It is made with ground beef and is so easy to make on the pellet grill! Makes a great dip or appetizer for game day (think Super Bowl) or date night.

– 1 pound ground beef – 1 large onion diced – 4 garlic cloves diced – 2 jalapeno peppers seeded, diced, and chopped fine – 4 cups salsa 32 oz total – 2 blocks Velveeta cheese cubed, 32 oz total – 8 ounces Pepper jack cheese cubed – 4 tbsp taco seasoning – cilantro optional


Brown ground beef in a frying pan over medium heat with chopped onion and garlic.


Place cooked seasoned meat in a large aluminum pan with diced Velveeta cheese, Pepper Jack cheese, and salsa.

Stir to combine all ingredients.

Place on preheated grill at 225 degrees F. Close the lid and let the smoker do its magic. Cook for 90-120 minutes, stirring every 30 minutes.

Serve with your favorite tortilla chips!