Tender, juicy, succulent smoked pork tenderloin, simply seasoned and cooked to perfection using a pellet grill; an easy recipe you will love! This pork tenderloin will become a new family favorite!

– Two 1-pound whole pork tenderloins – 2 tbsp olive oil – 3 tbsp dry spice rub


-Preheat your smoker. Set the temperature to 225 degrees F. – Rinse the pork with cold water and dry it with a paper towel. -Pour olive oil on the pork tenderloin, coating the top, bottom, and sides.


Sprinkle spice rub evenly on the pork tenderloin.

Make sure to cover the entire tenderloin with spice rub.

Place tenderloins on the preheated smoker.

Smoke until the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees F, about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Let rest for 5 minutes, then slice and serve.